1,000 punches

One of my teachers is a young man named Joe Stores. His martial arts background includes Boxing, Kali, Silat, Jun Fan Boxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing. The other day he called me up to see if I wanted to work out and I agreed. He showed up and we started on his daily routine: 1,000 punches.

First we did the jab, then jab-cross, then jab-cross-hook-cross-uppercut-cross, then jab, then jab-cross to finish, totally 1,000 punches. I thought back to my training in Aikido, and it occured to me that other than my suburi, I have never done 1,000 of anything in Aikido as a route drill. It was a nice change of pace. People talk about cross-training and using atemi, but no one is practicing atemi like boxers. When we sparred afterwards I noticed some things about how Aikido might work against a kickboxer/boxer. Boxers naturally retract their limbs to cover and strike in rapid succession. It would not be easy to catch an arm for an Aikido technique.

While punching with total body weight for maximum damage, he was never off balance, and the footwork and distancing he used was near expert. Also, boxers are more than used to getting hit and are rather fearless of it. It was his willingness to clinch and infight that I felt gave me the most opportune moments to safely apply Aikido techniques. When we were clinched and his limbs were safely controlled, I was able to apply kuzushi. At one point, from a clinch, I threw him in koshinage, and he caught himself with his hands, and while he was half standing, I punched him in his stomach and face a few times. It was a great time and an awesome learning experience.


8 Responses to 1,000 punches

  1. Keoni May says:

    When a boxer covers himself, irimi nage works quite well, even though his 2 hands are covering his face.

  2. AF1 says:

    What was the break down of repetitions? By that I mean was it 250 jabs, then 250 jab-crosses, etc?

    Or some other pattern?

  3. Hi Autrelle – I’ve found that boxers are one of THE hardest styles to apply ‘traditional’ aikido responses too. Mai-ai becomes the main resource…

  4. Hi Autrelle – I’ve found that boxers are one of THE hardest styles to apply ‘traditional’ aikido responses too. Mai-ai becomes the main resource…

  5. autrelle says:


    25 jabs each side, then jab-cross 50 each side, then 50 jab-cross-hook each side, then 50 jab-cross-hook-uppercut, then jab-cross-hook, then jab-cross, then jab. I sort of forgot how he broke down the reps, but it was 1000 punches when you were done.


    Yeah I agree. Then it becomes a state of mind, in the sense that if I don’t box with him, or let him box, the Aikido is actually easier to apply.

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  7. Keoni May says:

    AF1- response.

    The repetitions don’t really matter. You practice until you have a grasp over the technique. You continue to practice until it becomes instinctive.

  8. Scarlett says:

    Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon
    on a daily basis. It will always be interesting to read through content
    from other authors and practice something from other sites.

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