Myspace Bulletin of the Day

“myself and autrelle holland are making plans in that not-making-plans- because-all-beauty-and-goodness-comes-out-of-a-chaotic-struggle kind of way to reform the apathetic and tone deaf ears of duval county. inspired by monumental epochs in time such as the go go when kids (seemingly, which is more than we can say for today) cared about progressive thought, and an integrative and multi genre appreciation for artful music, and the search/process that leads to QUALITY music both new and old…..especially not afraid to embrace the old…..there will be, in the near future, a night of such extreme auditory intensity that your world will be fucked up forever. you will have a religious experience if you have any balls to be honest with yourself. and speaking of honesty, you should come with a box of kleenex because we plan to tear you down before we can build you up into the person you are truly entitled to be. fuck irony. we don’t believe in it, which means you won’t hear a single justin timberlake tune , we won’t be dressed in american apparel, and you won’t see us giggling behind the dj booth either. start doing your emotional warm ups now. this shit is going to come at you hard and fast.”

This from dear Whitney’s Myspace Page.
Check out the link for her blog also. She’s brilliant.


One Response to Myspace Bulletin of the Day

  1. Natalie says:

    I love it. Truly.

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