Well that really sucks makes for an odd day

I woke up today with bad new on my mind (of course, only I think it’s bad news)

  • Someone I care about got married
  • Some people I care about are getting divorced
    If anyone has anything that I would think is good news, please don’t hold back.
    In the meantime, here’s an oldie: Dreams Burn Down by Ride

    Lying under sky,
    She laughs at everything I say,
    And pulls me under,
    There’s no time to resist.
    Lying on the floor,
    There’s no time to resist,
    Lying on the floor,
    The tears are falling down and more,
    Her eyes speak loud,
    But actions speak the best.

    Waiting, hoping for a sign,
    That what’s forbidden can be mine,
    I just want what I can’t have,
    ‘Til my dreams burn down every time.

    She’s effortlessly cool,
    But circumstances can be cruel,
    And sometimes you must accept,
    That you can’t always get what you want.
    We fill up our days and nights,
    We fill up our empty little lives,
    But we know we are doomed,
    The moment we walk out the room

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