Saving The World Part Three

Mac asked me about what to do when you already think you’re doing your part to save the world and all you get are “High Fives” and “Middle Fingers?”

I say: The same thing you’ve been doing. You’re not going to make everyone happy, and not everyone will sincerely and whole-heartedly embrace you and your lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to tell someone how you feel. Be heard. Disagree – respectfully. Don’t ever be silent when you feel you have been disrespected. Sometimes you have to leave people alone. I have had many a friend that, having crossed a line drawn by my rational sensibility, I have dismissed – in a nice way, or otherwise. And these are GOOD friends I’m talking about. So, to be dismissive of someone I don’t hold as valuable to me is a no brainer. People can be negative, but it only goes down so far as you let it. The only power and sanction that they have is what WE GIVE TO THEM. So, no more sanction from us. The main point is to continue to seek those who will enrich your life, and when you meet them, enrich theirs – bring your “A” game to people if you want theirs. These are the people you should be concerned about. The others can play catch up 100 years from now.

I just wrote this in reply to MacTruque:
“Thank yourself! We have to keep doing what we’re doing. When it doesn’t work out – we have to move forward. learn from our mistakes. What was Dagny Taggart’s flaw? She always tried to yield results from people that had no ability and that were of no consequence. She thought she could think for others. She was wrong.”


5 Responses to Saving The World Part Three

  1. Jason Braddock says:

    words to live by.

  2. Autrelle says:

    I’m living by them my friend. Great to hear from you.

  3. Sam says:

    i try to enrich others through humor. not only to make them laugh and feel better, but to also think about themselves. i may find certain traits about a person that i feel they could work on in order to better themselves, and then i’ll joke with them about it.

    now, right off the bat, some may say that’s mean. and i say those people are close-minded. think about it. i’m not making fun of these people with the intention of hurting their feelings, nor am i talking about the text book definition of sarcasm. i’m simply joking with people to get them to laugh at themselves. after all, you can’t laugh at anyone else if you can’t laugh at yourself…and i can definitely laugh at my shortcomings.

    it’s the ice breaker; a way to open up a topic that might otherwise go undiscussed. for example, i recently had a conversation with someone who said something about being diverse. i said, “ahh, yes. this coming from the person who’s parents are [their] best friends,” and they proceeded to laughingly deny it. now i see no harm in having a good relationship with your family and, as such, i had no quarrels with it. my point was simple to enlighten her to the fact that it’s rather improbable to consider yourself diverse when the people you spend most of your time talking to are the ones you’ve spent 80% of your life with. it was meant to stimulate her mind and cause her to think about who she really talks to and diverse she really is. that was my objective.

    humor: one of the rules i live by. now help me help you.

    btw, i bestow upon you it’s all you, trelle. get on it. make it happen. haha

  4. Anonymous says:

    beautiful thoughts!

  5. Anonymous says:

    All I know is I want to order a cheeseburger from the passenger side. FUCK them if there are NO napkins!

    -The VEGA

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