At an earlier, nerdier time, I wanted to host my blog via WordPress on my own machine. I’m pretty happy with Blogger, but after seeing Flora’s blog, I’m jocking WordPress pretty hard. Anyone here make the switch and live to tell?


3 Responses to WordPress

  1. Branden says:

    Right here bro. I switched from Blogger over to WordPress almost a year ago, and I never looked back. It’s a cinch to set up, and you’ll be rewarded with much greater control over your blog.

    Speaking of which, can we get that link in the sidebar changed to my Legally Bland domain?

  2. Autrelle says:

    Done dude! I’ll have to get an FAQ from you when I get back from Atlanta!

  3. Lerner says:

    I flipped over to WP as well. WP works great. The only tricky thing with hosting on your own server was the modifying the .htaccess file correctly. It’s server specific and the trial and error approach can be time consuming. If you are hosting on dreamhost I can help you out with modding the .htaccess file. I’d also highly suggest installing spam blocking plugins as there are lots of comment bots running wild.


    tumblr is really cool too, but not as advanced as WP.

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