I am an addict

I’m a non-smoker – no cigars, cigarettes, pot, whatever. I consider myself a moderate drinker at times. But I’m addicted to Hookah. I just got back from a road trip, six hours one way, and we smoked hookah the whole way up and down. Let me tell you all about it, how it started. A couple of years ago, I was at my favorite place, The Casbah, and a friend of mine was like “Autrelle, just try it.”

Okay, it’s a short story, but the point is now, I’m hooked. For those of you that don’t what I’m even talking about, here is the gist: a hookah, or more properly called arghile is a glass-based water pipe that has one or more stems, and is designed to function by way of liquid filtration and indirect heat.

A quick look at this illustration will give you the idea. Generally, you smoke shisha from a hookah. Shisha, as I have come to love it, is a tobacco that is soaked in molasses and glycerine. The result is a tobacco that isn’t ignited, but heated, in order to produce smoke. It comes in wonderful flavors that can be enjoyed as they are, or combined into a smoker’s cocktail. Currently, my favorite flavors are watermelon, lemon, honey, cinnamon, grape, blueberry, and cherry. For real fun, you can flavor the water filter also, with milk, beer, wine, or whatever you can think of. I remember really enjoying a cherry hookah with a Dr. Pepper filter. It was the BOMB.

If anyone ever wants to smoke a hookah here in Jacksonville, I recommend the Casbah. It has the highest quality product, and is the most authentic hookah experience in Jacksonville. The food and drinks are great, the staff is beautiful and friendly – you can’t go wrong. If you can’t make it out to Casbah, come by the house – we’ll pass the peace pipe.


3 Responses to I am an addict

  1. Sam says:

    not to mention it’s the only place i’m aware of that uses actual coals instead of the knock-twenty-years-off-your-life- and-make-your-hookah-taste-like-#&$% instant light crap.

  2. Branden says:

    Nice. Whatever happened to that hookah pictorial you promised ages ago?

  3. Autrelle says:

    Oh! It’s coming!!!

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