Vice City-How this Addict does it

I’ve been talking smack about this for a while, so it’s time I just throw it down.
Here’s a basic hookah how-to, all photos courtesy of me.


Starting with the glass base, I fill it with whatever I’m going to use as a filter, in this case, water. I fill it until the stem that goes into the water is cover by about an inch of liquid. That’s not written in stone, but you definitely don’t want to fill it all the way up, and you will know for sure when you don’t have enough water.


Here we have the essential goodies that go into packing a bowl. The reddish stuff at the top is the shisha, or tobbacco. The grey sqaures are coals. These coals are the best you can use all around. The only I have used that was better was natural lump coal, which is made from petrfried lemonwood. The coals shown in the picture put out a lot of heat, are odorless, smokeless, and light in a few minutes off of the stove. They are my favorite. The foil is used to make an airtight seal over the tobacco after it’s been placed in the bowl. The skewer is used to puncture holes in the foil after it’s been affixed to the bowl to allow hot air to be drawn through the pipe from the coals. It will make more sense in a second.


Putting shisha in the bowl. Note the light touch I’m using.


Here’s the bowl filled with shisha. You don’t literally want to “fill” or “pack” the bowl. The whole thing is all about air flow. You want to break the tobacco apart and then sprinkle it into the bowl so that there’s a lot of air between the tobacco pieces. After this, we add the foil seal.



Here’s the bowl covered with foil. After you put shisha in the bowl, it’s really easy to screw up a hookah. You want to make sure you don’t pack down the tobacco when you cover it with foil. Don’t over-handle it, and don’t pack the shisha down at all. If you do, you’ll wind up with a hookah that you won’t want to smoke at all, if it actually does smoke.



Poking the holes in the foil and the bowl, almost ready to go. You want to use something thin, sharp, easy to handle, that make a tiny hole. Three things are important here: only pierce the foil so as not to pack down the shisha, don’t over-handle the bowl for the same reason, and when poking holes, you about 30, and you want more around the edges and a few in the middle. The rest is pretty easy and I think it only bears illustration.


Heating the coals on the stove.


The assembled hookah, waiting for the ash-catcher, bowl, and pipe.


The ash-catcher attached, and some wet tissue added to the grommet to insure the bowl has a tight fitting seal.


Adding a foil windscreen to the bowl. This isn’t completely necessary. Just wanted to show off that I could do it.


My bowl, packed, wrapped, poked, screened, and ready to be put on the hookah.


The finished assembly of all the major players. All we’re waiting on are the coals and the pipe.


The coals are done. The coals I use are organic, but they use a thin layer of silver lighting agent that must be completely burned off before safe to use. Here, I’m blowing off any silvery remains over the sink.


The coals are in place and I’m good to go. Just remember – breathe in, BREATHE OUT. Smoke responsibly people. Don’t ruin it for me. WORD.


5 Responses to Vice City-How this Addict does it

  1. Sam says:

    “Just remember – breathe in, BREATHE OUT. Smoke responsibly people.”

    he’s correct, people. this isn’t a bong. trying to iron-lung a hookah won’t result in anything other than you instantly losing consciousness and falling on the floor, simultaneously fucking up everyone else’s night.

    please refrain from disrespecting us by demonstrating your incompetence.

  2. Autrelle says:

    Indeed! That’s what I’m talking about!!!

  3. Branden says:

    Yes! Dude, you hooked it up. I gotta admit, this has never really been high on my list of things to try, but I’m intrigued. You had me at cherry flavored tobacco and Dr. Pepper!

  4. Autrelle says:

    You should try it at least once! Go for it!!!

  5. Adrienne says:

    I just gave my hookah away to the salvation army… my parents actually brought it back for me from Turkey…. loved it for a while. A great smoke! But I did drop it on my toe on accident and in that moment I realized that it can also be a deadly weapon, particularly when combined with gravity. Fucking sweet hookah, hopefully the juju will be even better with it’s next owner. Nope – Autrelle – I haven’t seen or heard from you in a while and here I am twice in one night! Good times! – Like always. Love, Adrienne

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