An Open Letter to The World

I want to save the world.  I really do.  So far, I thought I had a very simple plan.  First, I had to develop certain desirable attributes.  Principles.  The best word for this is I had to operate from a functional Philosophy.  A Philosophy that will allow me access all of the power, energy, charisma, intelligence, respect, and anything else that I need to live and to live well, right here on Earth, right here in Jacksonville, right now.  I figured that, if I could be that person, and talk to people about it, let them see a human behaving in an amazing manner, and then let them know how amazing that they are, and that they should share that with others, it would be simple.  It would be simple to save the world.  I would do it one day at a time, one person at a time, one conversation at a time.  So when you see me out, and I’m teaching a martial arts class, baby sitting for you, having a drink with you, cooking dinner for you, working for you, playing chess with you, inviting you over for a hookah, making you a cd, protecting you, defending you, questioning you, listening to you, provoking you to think, that’s what I’m doing – I’m trying to save the world.

Frankly, my angle of attack is to focus on the strengths of a person, and not their flaws.  Everyone that I know is simply amazing.  I like to talk with people about their strength, and how it feels.  I ask people all of the time, “What can I do to help you with that?”  “How can I help you grow?”  “How can I help you share?”  I really want to see people do well.  I want to treat people well.  I want to be treated well.  I know that that has to start with me.  I have to put it out there.  I have to remind people to always be aware what they do, how they do it, who they do it with.  I remind people that in your everyday actions, one has to be aware of what and who they encourage, as well as discourage.  I make a point to reward people that treat me well the best way that I can; I encourage being treated well.  When I feel I have been treated poorly, usually, I don’t empower those individuals with a response.  I simply remove my sanction; they no longer have me around to treat that way.  Left to their own devices, and, for their sake, out my my way, hopefully, they will reflect on their actions.  If not, it’s not my problem.  It’s theirs and theirs alone.

Recent events have caused me to reconsider my posture on evil, and my response towards it.  So let me say this to the reader, and let the reader pass this on to anyone they think needs to read it: This is an Open Letter to anyone that thinks that they can continue to dominate with hatred, bigotry, and violence.  I am so over all of you.  When you come at me and my friends and family with you random acts of violence, hatred, bigotry, -phobias, deceit, “police” brutality, whatever it is, here is what you can expect in response from me: An ass-beating.  Obviously, for you to behave towards me in anything but the most respectful manner, the message is “I don’t want to access Autrelle’s charisma and intelligence.  I want him to kick my ass.”  Well, you got it.  Of course, certain people will read this and have a problem with my attitude.  To those people, I don’t even wonder why.  We both know why.  The difference is, I will tell that person in their face that they really shouldn’t be beating up their spouse, molesting children, using racial slurs, raping people, or whatever crime against humanity you have committed that got you on the top of my shit list.  Yeah, I will say it, just like that.  This is also an open challenge to all of those people:  The next time you feel like being a complete waste of flesh and bone, instead of continuing to victimize others, please just find me so I can kick your ass.  I really, really mean that.  I’m over it.  Something has to change.  So I guess from now on, in order to save the world, I have to proactively be the most brilliant person to those that I meet and enjoy, while proactively putting my foot in the ass of anyone that would see the world I love so much destroyed.  To those destroyers out there: Come.  I’ll be the one running towards you screaming “AUTRELLE FUCKING HOLLAND.”


10 Responses to An Open Letter to The World

  1. I am always impressed with you.
    I feel like you should be the one doing what I am doing. you are so much better at it than I am. and what’s unfair, is that you don’t even know how powerful you are.

    your tiny soldier,

  2. pamela~jean says:

    i always enjoy reading your blogs.
    it’s like my own personal window to your soul,
    you truely are a man of many talents.
    i am honored to call you more than a “friend”

    je t’aime tellement mon frère et moi croient que vous vraiment avez la puissance de sauver le monde.


  3. autrelle says:

    Mes amies,

    Flattery will get you nowhere!
    But really, thank you – you all honor me with your love for the world.

  4. natalie says:

    Autrelle, once again, I love you.

  5. babylonbondfire says:

    my dear, you should be president of the world! its a shame more people dont think like you…..the world would be a pleasant place if they did!

  6. Clarence says:

    Covert benevolent affiliations are unassailable.

  7. Angel Mata says:

    My friend,

    I don’t know who you are. But you f**k*n amaze me [pardon my language]. I live in San Francisco, but I just so happen to stumble accross your posting… You inspire me man! Feel free to email me @

    Life Coach

  8. autrelle says:

    Thanks for the kind words, but if I ever do something amazing, I’ll let you know. 😉 For sure, let’s keep in touch.

    • Angel Mata says:

      I just stumbled on this posting again (as I googled my email address). I forgot that I had posted something on this blog.

      But now that I see you responded… : Yes, let’s keep in touch. Send me an your email.

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