A few events that stood out this year

Hookah Mondays.  Really, it’s not a party, it’s Hookah Monday.  Every Monday, we gather, we smoke hookah, enjoy some adult drinks, and chillax.  Sometimes it gets completely out of hand.  I won’t tell you those details, you really should just be there.  The premise is simple:  It’s Monday, and you’re not doing anything anyway.  So show up, smoke a hookah, bring whatever you want to contribute, and be around some cool people that you already enjoy whenever you see them.  Oh yeah.

Martial arts and me are out of control.  I’m still scratching the surface, and yet, I’m accessing areas of knowledge and degrees of power that were unimaginable just last year.  Focusing on the weapon has really brought a new awareness to my unarmed practice.  Now, no part of my practice assumes that either person is unarmed.  This mentality will alter the approach to any bare-handed art, I promise.  Last week, when I was out with some friends at a bar, some creeps threw trash and a bottle at me from a distance, unprovoked, for no reason  I ran after them, found a stray bottle and hurled it at them, and picked up what I think was a 2×4 and threatened to beat them with it.  Unfortunately for me, and luckily for them, they were all asshole off duty cops.  I couldn’t believe it.  With my luck, I would have put three cops in the hospital and gone to jail for some reverse hate crime.  So, I’m trying to be careful, because I’m feeling increasingly fearless everyday, and quite frankly, I don’t need to be hurting anyone.

Atlanta with Jen.
  Arguably, this was the worst weekend of my life this year.  I ended up breaking up with my girlfriend, and I have not talked to Jen since then either.  What should have been an easy four day weekend turned into a bunch of bullshit that I’ll never forget.  I’m all kinds of over it, but, I still remember.

Atlanta with Heather.  Arguably, this was the best weekend of my life this year.  I ended up hanging out with one of my best friends at her art show in Atlanta.  What could have been a boring and laborious trip to help someone set up an art show turned into one of the most reaffirming weekends I have ever had.  I was treated with so much reverence and respect – it was amazing.

Going to see Bloc Party.   I don’t believe that bands can change lives and all of that, but I do believe that an artist can bring a level of pleasure and enjoyment to a person, that you have to respect it, admire it, drown yourself in it.  Bloc Party is my new New Order.  Really.  I also hung out with The Noisettes that afternoon.  Me and Dale, yeah, I had a blast.

CONTROL.  With Chris and Whitney.

That’s all I got for now.  More to come, I promise.


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