I hate you for hating the Keith Pierson Twins.

This is for anyone that has never met the Keith Pierson Twins in person:

I have. Several times. When I used to wait tables at Carrabba’s in Baymeadows, the twins would come in on a regular basis with their mother, and sometimes Keith himself would come in. This was at least once a week. The Twins themselves were completely well-mannered and articulate. They always ordered from the adult menu. Their parents really raised them to be REALLY WELL BEHAVED. That’s more than I say for a lot of people that I know, most of them at least twice the age of these young ladies. I don’t understand how people can so easily hate someone they have never met. I really don’t understand why people would vilify CHILDREN they have never met. I was disgusted when Folio mocked them on the cover of one of their “magazines”. Way to tackle the big fish, people – picking on two young women, whose parents are working hard to make something out of them. Disgusting. Nowadays, a man can’t be rich and put his daughters in commercials so that they play a part in the lifestyle he provides for them. Classy.



40 Responses to I hate you for hating the Keith Pierson Twins.

  1. mike nichols says:

    Those girls are the targets of peoples jealousy. Victims of their parents success. To pick on them for ones own inability to succeed purpetuates the cycle of unsuccessfulness.

  2. autrelle says:

    Exactly my point Mike. How can you victimize a person and his CHILDREN for their virtues? What’s next? Ayn Rand wrote about this thematically in Atlas Shrugged. Looks like she wasn’t as far off as people say she was.

  3. Aqueel says:

    Somewhere along the way people loose sight or never even knew that Mr. Pierson has a big focus on family; generally because they see twins and those people imediately believe he’s emulating the Olsens.

  4. Sam says:

    You’re leaving out one other point: some people just get tired of seeing the commercials. I mean seriously, what percentage of the population truly enjoys watching commercials at all? So I don’t really have a problem with the girls themselves. It’s more the idea that I don’t really care to see Mr. Pierson interrupting my episode of 24 every ten minutes, so why the fuck do I want to see his kids? Big budget commercials are annoying enough as it is; occassionly there’s a funny one, but for the most part they’re really just taking away from the reason I sat down in front of the TV in the first place. So when it comes to low budget local commercials and one man’s idea of “cute”, that idea doesn’t always sit pretty with the rest of the public.

    Now, like I said, I don’t really have a problem with the girls themselves. I’ve never met them, but you say they’re very well mannered and I respect your views and opinions. I also understand and respect what he’s doing with his children. But that doesn’t mean I want to see it. So when you see it time and time again, it gets really old. And no matter what the special deal or weekend bonanza is that he’s attempting to advertise, the twins always become the focal point of the commercial. The outcome of which is my natural response, “Oh god, it’s the Pierson twins again…”

  5. autrelle says:

    Is that REALLY a point that I “missed?”

  6. Sam says:

    Yes, and I’ll use myself as an example to show you where I’m going with this. If I were to mock the Pierson twins I’d really be mocking the commercial. If I were to say “I hate the Pierson twins” I’d really be saying “I hate the Pierson commercials.” I’d be passing the blame off from a stupid commercial onto the girls. It’s something that happens all the time in some way/shape/form/fashion. Do I condone it? No. Do I do it anyway? Yes, occassionally. It tends to be an unconscious decision. Because people have adapted to shorting everything, be it sayings to slang or whatever. So the same shit winds up happening with anger, resentment, and the like. Rather than someone taking five minutes to explain that they’re tired of seeing the Pierson twins simply because the commercials are on all the time and they’re far from entertaining, they choose to miscommuncate their feelings by saying “I hate the Pierson twins.” You asked how people could vilify them and I’m simply pointing out that not everyone who takes a stab at them is really aiming at THEM. I haven’t seen the Folio piece you’re referring to so I can’t speak on it, but I can say that I in no way condone a publisher to dog out some kids. But with respect to the general populus, you can’t tell me you haven’t mocked someone for something they’ve done regardless of your views on them as a person.

  7. autrelle says:

    But when someone says, “I hate the Pierson Twins” who feels that stab, regardless of who it is intended for? Now, I didn’t really like the commercials at first, before having met them. I thought the commercials were kinda cheesey, but I didn’t get so bothered about them at all. Then, having actually met them and their family, I have to say that, I respect them as people that I know. I can say that because they would ask for me and refer to me by name. They always treated me with respect, and I don’t have a reason to treat them otherwise. Plus, these are children. It’s ridiculous that there are websites and groups on facebook and such, dedicated to “hating them.” So really, who feels that stab? Now, what I meant in my first reply to your comment was simply – Are commercials that compelling that you have to watch them when they come on? Do they really inspire that much rage in people? Really, the viewer content is more offensive than most commercials.

    Here is a link to the picture that Folio put on the cover of one issue

    Now really, all miscommunicated, backhanded comments aside, what did they do to deserve this?

  8. becca says:

    because of this, i seldom read folio…i have, can, and will at times, but it’s usually filled with more garbage than anything mildly thought-provoking.

  9. autrelle says:

    Folio is probably the least reliable thing in Jacksonville. Another thing I remember loving about Folio was in an article where they censored the word b*tch but not n*gger. That’s another fish that I will fry on another day, our dear old friend Folio Weekly.

  10. john says:

    I’ll admit when I first moved back to Jacksonville and saw the Piersons on their commericals, I was reminded of the twins from The Shining. But I do not have any animosity toward them, thier family, or their commericals. I simply don’t pay that much attention to commercials.

    I do agree with you though that it is ridiculous…no, SAD…that adults would invest their time making “I hate the Piersons” websites. That is something aimed directly at them to make them feel bad and could be painful for young girls to see. Think about when you were their age. If there were a myriad of groups (and especially a popular, albeit raggedy, local magazine) doing thier best to bring you down and make you feel bad, it would probably cut you a little.

    One can only hope that the girls, being as well adjusted and mature as you have eluded to, will take it as a grain of salt or laugh it off. But seriously, the people investing their time with this type of garbage are losers themselves. They must have their own issues, otherwise they wouldn’t spit so much venom toward others.

    That’s my goofy little thought.

  11. becca says:

    Not to get side-tracked here, but I’m not exactly sure what Folio’s goal is here in N.E. Florida. Being a self-described “news and opinion magazine” they sure print the same, recycled, B.S. as everyone else.

    Whatever happened to being objective?

    At best, it’s good for upcoming shows at J.R.’s.

  12. becca says:

    P.S. I did not catch that article, but I notice that type of censorship a lot…especially if I listen to the radio. Yesterday I heard that newer Nickleback song in its entirety (without censorship) only because I was listening to an Orlando station. In Jacksonville, the word “drug dealer” was bleeped out. Why so when the word “ass” was not?

    Lets be PC about “b*tch” and “drug dealer”, but allow the word “n*gger” to be printed without question. Yeah, that makes complete sense.


    You definitely need to blog that topic soon.

  13. autrelle says:

    I’m doing some research to find the articles in question. Oh yeah.

  14. Sam says:

    Quite honestly, the whole family. Well, if they’re within earshot or happen to read something printed. But I wasn’t aware of the websites and facebook profiles. I wasn’t even aware of the folio article. I think that’s some bullshit. My response was really geared toward, what I thought was, you referencing random comments of the “I hate them” nature.

    As far as I’m concerned, commercials in general are garbage and I usually try to avoid them. And yes, a lot of show content is even more worthless than the commercials. Which probably explains why I’ve been watching a lot of Discovery and History channel lately…

    So to answer your final question, nothing.

  15. becca says:

    I wasn’t aware of the facebook profile either, but seriously, what is wrong with people? For one, the word “hate” is thrown around way too much these days. It seems like people use it so freely and without any real thought behind what they are saying. I’m sure that is the case with this profile : created without any real thought. But then again, I could be wrong. Maybe the creator of this profile really does “hate” these two young girls he/she hasn’t even met. And if that’s the case, they need to get their head checked. Talk about perpetuating a judgmental and discriminating cycle of complete and utter ignorance. I’ve never met these girls, but from what I’ve seen and been told, they are more mature than most people their age (or even older). I’m sure they’re aware of the negativity they receive due to their presence in the local media and I hope they do not let it get to them. What crap to be young, intelligent, and articulate and have so many people’s ignorance, stupidity, and jealousy overshadow their family’s success. It would suck to be anyone in that position, but I can’t imagine what it’d be like for a child.

  16. autrelle says:

    Sam – I should have been more clear from the get go. I’ll work on that.
    To all – Great responses, up and down. I’m going to get on that Folio thing soon. Might take some time though.

  17. john says:

    I did some research of my own. Is this the article you were thinking about? It’s the only one I could find that mentions the bad word.


  18. autrelle says:

    Thanks John. It’s not THE one, but it’s nice to know that there are more than one (I remember seeing more than one over the years). I appreciate you supplying the link as well.

  19. whitney hendricks says:

    I didnt read the folio article because I dont read the folio ever. I agree with becca’s comment about it being recycled BS and generally only good for upcoming show’s at local strip joints. I’ll add that even the I Saw You ADs have become contrived to the point where they are no longer funny or ironic. I would also add that I think its funny how hipsters who frequent half assed bars in jacksonville feel compelled to write about their hipster friends, photograph their hipster friends, write melodramatically and from an annoyingly contrived liberal stance on their hispter subculture and socio-political interests. With all of that being said, it is no wonder that the folio would showcase an article, as you poignantly stated, vilifying two children who, at the end of the day, are human beings struggling to forge identities in the midst of developmental milestones that are anything but easy, especially when done (intentionally or otherwise) in the public eye. I think it goes to show that instead of supporting and encouraging other human beings, some people (in this case, people with a potentially powerful voice) feel compelled to wound others. It’s a statement of our society. It is no different to me than the exploitation and human depravity that we see on reality television every day. Its only sad that this time it is manifested in the written word and subsequently a text that could be used as a force to drive and inspire cultural awareness and pride within this city, which is markedly apathetic, stagnant, uninspired, and tragically eurocentric. Its interesting to see that this topic is even considered news, worthy of printing a spread consisting of more than two sentences. Just like the topic of lamented body modifications is somehow news or the same, mostly boring haunts in jacksonville need to be soullessly honored in Best Of contests every year. That text, the folio, is more like an egocentric salute to masturbatory self indulging than anything news worthy or news related. when I open it up I can almost hear the self loathing yet ironically self aggrandizing voices of its writers. overall, its a monument to people who have mostly lost their souls, who strive for a purpose that is empty and contrived, who do not possess wonder, authenticity, or genuineness. it is one of the many reasons the self aware, honest, and genuine healers and helpers of this city should create a rebirth of wonder.

  20. whitney hendricks says:

    also, excuse my many typos and grammatical mistakes. its one of those days.

  21. autrelle says:

    That settles it. Next Topic: Why is Folio so fucked up?

  22. babylonbondfire says:

    ok, these little girls or shall I say young ladies at this point are adorable, however when the commercials first came out I did get a little creeped out at the resemblance to the twins from the shining and how they would talk at the same time! but I am sure they are wonderful little ladies and they are so cute and are very fashionable, I think it is sad that grown adults have nothing better to do with thier time other than pick on children, and they are local celebrities just imagine what suffering they would be put through as national celebrities! people need to get a grip, they are little girls for god sake!

  23. Ashley says:

    When you put your 2 kids out in a commercial you CHOSE to subject them to the media/publicity that comes your/their way based upon this decision. If he wants to make someone of his kids in show business than they better get used to having negative information published about them. I don’t hate the twins, and I certainly have no reason to be “jealous” of them. Why would anyone be jealous of them…Because their dad owns a car dealership?…Or they have horrible commercials on TV? There are far farrrr wealthier and more famous people to be “jealous” of if that’s the attitude you want to have in life. All this being said, I don’t hate the Pierson twins or the Piersons…I just HATE the commercials and do not understand the reasoning behind them for countless reasons. “Any publicity is good publicity” is not true in this case.

  24. autrelle says:

    Ashley, I agree with you in the sense that you have said what most people mean to say: I don’t hate the Piersons persons personally, I just hate the commercials. By that I mean, I don’t hate either of them, but I agree that your statement isn’t based on envy pedophilia. Thanks.

  25. sam says:

    Nothing about kids but commercials are terrible, if i want to buy a car, i do not go to that dealer just because of their commercials. its so annoying.

  26. tc says:

    well i’m a year older than them, and i went to a party with them…and they shot me evil looks. maybe they have manners at a restaurant, but they ARE stuck up. that is how the act. they were rude for no reason. who cares about their commercials.

  27. autrelle says:

    Well if they treated you poorly, that is your experience with them, and that is undeniable. My point still is that strangers shouldn’t go around hating them because of a commercial. Thanks for stopping by.

  28. Perry says:


    Hating the Pierson twins is sooooo 2003 anyways ….. Actually, they used to come into West Inn as well on a regular basis ….. Keith is pretty cool , and the girls are always well behaved ….. And I agree about Folio ….. It’s a rag mag, and reading your wordpress writings is so much better ….. How come I never knew you had this before ?

    Oh, and if thats the Whitney Hendricks above that I know, then I must say to her ….. What up Whit ….. Mess You !!!!! ….. 😀

    – Word

  29. ogaboga says:

    i accualy know them. they are VERY nice and sweet. they dont choose to get put in the commercials when they were young. they should not be hatted because of people being jealous of them. when you know them they are sweat as could be.

  30. JN says:

    The reason we hate them is because we have no control over their appearance in our lives. They’re on TV, on the side of the bus in traffic, in the newspaper, on websites. This man is exploiting his children for his own gain. He is a narcissist that wishes to display his children for all the world to see. It is sickening.

  31. autrelle says:

    JN, I can only respond to this on the basis of critical thinking. Let’s go point by point:

    “The reason…” The word reason is used so often that it gets misused. You have the right to feel whatever you want, but do you have a reason proper?

    “..we hate them…” This begs the question of who is this “we” that you speak of? Also, “hate” is a strong word.

    “…we have no control…” I have already addressed this in responses earlier. There are many things that I are surely more offensive than two young women on a car commercial. We are surrounded by efforts to have our thinking controlled by what we read, watch, listen to, and car commercials are probably the least offensive.

    “This man is a narcissist…” Perhaps so. It sounds more like you have an issue with him, and not his children.

  32. staresight says:

    hey guys im with autrelle here. The only reason anyone would make fun of these poor kids is because they are JEALOUS and have nothing better to do with there lives than insult CHILDREN. I know the twins personally and they are beautiful young ladies who are almost 14 years of age. I also know for a fact that anything that is published that is mean about them or is insulting them does not affect the twins AT ALL. they actually kind of like it because it’s kind of like publicity. so dont waste your time.

  33. Anonomyus says:

    The Pierson Twins are creepy and those commercials are annoying as all hell…There’s really no rational argument against it. Why do you think so many horror movies have twins talking in unison…because its creepy

  34. jimbo says:

    Kieth is an ass……nuff said

  35. Jeremy says:

    Yeah, I agree. My dad has actually been in the business with Keith for quite some time, we have alot of get togethers, and yeah the girls are fun lol

  36. Jeremy says:

    You mother fuckers are just h8r’s that are jealous that you either can’t get them or you wanna be just like them so fuck off bitchhhhhes. Those girls are awesome so blow me and gtfo, know someone before you start talkin shit

  37. Hogwash, this negative criticism of the Pierson twins and their father’s wise
    child raising attitude. Dad .. and Mom Pierson have, with the very best timing,
    guided these girls protectively away from the most insidiously ruinious pathology
    in child development – pathological shyness. Define pathology as attributes,
    adopted by any organism that does not promote it’s own prosperity. So, any
    degree of shyness, driven avoidance of notice when notice brings benefits
    harms that person by lost opportunities/adventures & by missed
    new-learning, etc.

    These two youngsters will be good communicators who look you straight
    in the eyes, thereby listening-hearing your reply as valid. Have you nay-sayers
    tried to explain or teach today’s young folk ?

    I could blab on & on about up-to-date research on brain plasticity and which &
    how nerves that repeatedly fire together wire together forming how well or
    worse that brain helps or befouls self and others throughout life… but we all
    can intuitively recognize “old-fashion” wise-caring parenting that produced
    the honorable adults of our pasts.

  38. May I simply just say what a relief to uncover somebody who actually
    knows what they’re talking about on the web. You actually know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. A lot more people ought to check this out and understand this side of your story. It’s
    surprising you’re not more popular given that you surely possess the gift.

  39. Margaret gomez says:

    Keith Pierson is arrogant and mean, he treats people like crap, not surprised he has haters, he walks around talking about how rich he is, he treats his employees like crap his management style is old and outdated and will come back to haunt him, biggest jerk around, maybe if he learns how to stop making fun of his staff and people in general they wouldn’t hate on him and his family, sorry just being honest.

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