31 Kumijo, illustrated

I thought that this might be my last post of the year, since nothing in particular is jumping out of me to write about. I figured I mas as well tie the year off for this blog on a martial arts note. And after making an inquiry, I have decided to share, at least for now, my notes on the 31 Kumijo, as demonstrated by Morihiro Saito Sensei. They are illustrated with stills pulled from his DVD on the subject, Aiki Jo, which is available from Aikido Journal. You will find them available as a download in the side column. As always, I welcome any and all critique. Thank you, and Happy New Year to all.


4 Responses to 31 Kumijo, illustrated

  1. Peter says:

    “my notes on the 31 Kumijo, as demonstrated by Morihiro Saito Soke” Soke? Students of Hitohiro Saito sensei refer to him as Soke, but he did atleast form his own organisation. M Saito remained within Aikikai until his death…

  2. autrelle says:

    Fair enough. I’ll change it it. Thank you.

  3. Ziggy says:


    I know this is from a while ago but your legal question about using stills from a dvd for your 31 kumijo got me thinking and so i looked into it. What i turned up was that an infringement of copyright of a film is only constituted by copying or communicating a substantial part of the film.
    A substantial part could mean many things but it is commonly stated as ‘the best scenes’ or ‘the highlights’ or ‘an essential part’ of the program.

    Without having seen the stills i cant say for certain, but i feel, given the length of the film compared to the amount of stills you would be taking and the fact that they would constitute a fairly generic part of the film, that you are not infringing copyright by using those images in your manual. It is also helped by the fact that you do not have financial interests in the copying of the images.

    I have decided to use this case for a piece i will be writing for a marketing law course i am doing, if you are interested i can send you a copy once i am done… i guess it can be a gift for inspiring me ( i was kind of stuck for ideas) I might post a shorter copy of this in the forum thread just for fun.


  4. autrelle says:

    Nice! Please, and thank you. I’m actually forgoing this idea and using my own pictures to illustrate the manual.

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