Yokomenuchi Gokyo and the knife

Part Three  of my Aikido and Tantodori article is in the form of an illustrated .pdf in the side column.  If you download it, please leave feedback.  I’m doing research and any feedback is welcome.


2 Responses to Yokomenuchi Gokyo and the knife

  1. Flintstone says:

    Hi Autrelle,

    Not that I’m by any means an expert in Iwama Aikido, but shouldn’t the parrying arm stop the attack at forearm level instead of at elbow level?

    Also, tori’s own forearm (with which he parries uke’s) should be at an angle such as it will prevent uke from “sliding” the attack down to tori’s torso. At the same time, it’s my understanding that tori’s other hand should grab uke’s wirst from upside, not from bellow like shown.

    Not saying that your technique is wrong, of course. Simply that I would do it in the manner I described. I find it safer.

    Anyway, it’s crazy to face a knife with bare hands. I agree with you on this. Some form of tanto jutsu or aikuchi jutsu should be studied too… not to mention FMA like you propose.


  2. autrelle says:

    I stand by the illustrations given as the basic way to do Gokyo. I believe you are describing Ikkyo when you describe grabbing the wrist. I’ll try to post some video of it. Either way, thanks for reading, and thanks for your input.

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