In case you thought I have not written for a while because I have not had anything to say, you’re wrong. I have not been too busy. I have not stopped writing. I wanted to make a dramatic pause of sorts. I really wanted my last post to stand out.

Did you read those lyrics?

A person does NOT just write lyrics like that.

Have you heard this song?

A band does NOT just create music like this.

The released version is titled “We Were Lovers” and has waaaaaaay different lyrics. But after reading the lyrics for “Cells…” and hearing it performed as such, I have come to a final conclusion:

Bloc Party is my new favorite band.

Officially, they rank third, after Joy Division, followed by New Order.

It is my professional opinion (that’s right) that, although Bloc Party is a phenomenon all their own, they have done more than that:

They have picked up were Joy Divsion and New Order left off.

New Order has not been New Order since 1989, when they released their magnum opus, Technique. The direction they have taken since then, has been lackluster at best. I truly feel like Bloc Party is what New Order should have continued to sound like. What is even more eerie to me is how cerebral they are at times. It’s beyond a catchy pop or “indie” rock sound. I think that if Ian were alive right now, he would be drinking a pint, smoking a cigarette, and tapping his foot, listening to “Kruezberg” or “Luno.”

I’m going to post some YouTube videos of Joy Division, New Order, and Bloc Party, to serve as audio examples of what I’m talking about.

Thank you Bloc Party. I’m waiting for Pin Me Down to blow my mind. I’m really digging “Cryptic” so far. Cheers.

Joy Division-Love will tear us apart

Joy Division-Atmosphere

Joy Division-Disorder

New Order-Thieves like us

New Order-The perfect kiss

New Order-Dream attack

Bloc Party-Luno

Bloc Party-Kreuzberg

Bloc Party-Cells shaped like stars

Bloc Party-We were lovers

Bloc Party-Flux


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