I thought I would take the time to give some love to some of the pages I link to:

24 Fighting Chickens: The straight do’ on Shotokan with the most respectably modern perspective.

Aikido Journal: My one stop for pretty much anything Aikido.

Ama: They say a guy meets 5 in his life – probably my first was this gifted writer.

Branden: Second longest friend I have had in my life.  Truly, my brother in all things.

Dee’s Dojo: USAF Jacksonville, baby!  Friends and family for life.  I started Aikido with these rascals!!!!!

Facebook profile: You know you wanna play me in Scrabbulous.

Flora: Super writer/heartthrob.  Me-ow.

Heather Vega: The artist’s artist.

Hip Hop Hell: All Hip Hop, all Jacksonville, all the time.

Hookah Domain: I’m so glad that Jake made this site because I don’t have time to.

Katrina Reti: BUDO – my lil’ sis in all things and a most accomplished Aikidoka.

Lifehacker: If you’re not reading this site everyday, you’re not even trying.

Natalie: Super Rad Flickr Action!

Perry Lambert’s Dojo: My adopted big brother in all things – and the most wicked kotegaeshi I have ever felt.

Robin Astro: Just click on it.  It’s either over your head, or right up your alley.

Sean Hurst: Military Special Forces Veteran/My Kali teacher/Super cool brother in all things.

The Casbah Cafe: That’s where you’ll find me.

The Guardian Angels: Take charge!!!!

Thomas’ Dojo: One of the most severe instructors I have ever had, aka, one of my favorites.  I love this man.

Tonya: A fast rising star at Dee’s dojo – and she’s a looker! (wink)

Tribe-K: My Martial Arts group.

Whitney: Super good writer/flaky friend.

Wowio: I read, YO!

Want your site linked here?  Just ask – we’ll work something out.


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