In your face, Steve Jobs

I have been a Mac user since 1998. My first Mac was a Powermac 6100, and then I upgraded to the 7200. Then I graduated to a G4 iBook. I have a G3 tower collecting dust. I like using OS X over Windows, but I don’t like how proprietary Apple is becoming, with their hardware, software, and media formats. My current favorite thing is my Ubuntu box. I’m over the biggest part of the hump as far as the learning curve goes. I like that Ubuntu is a reliable, open source, Unix-based OS that I can install on any hardware I want. Since Apple switched to Intel processors, there have been a number of people who have successfully installed both patched and native versions of Apple’s current OS, Leopard. This is beautiful for two reasons:

  1. Complete hardware freedom. Instead of paying for something that is hardwired and underspec-ed, or paying exorbitant amounts of money to use the same hardware found in any pc, a person can buy whatever components they want and run OS X, just like Windows (ugh) or Linux (yay!).
  2. This is really part of the same idea, but cost is definitely a factor. Cheaper hardware with OS X software.

Well, now someone has made it even easier to afford an OS X system on non-Apple hardware. Psystar has been all over the news. For $400, you can get a machine that will allow you to install Leopard on it as if it were an official Apple hardware product. Pretty sweet.

This might be a scam. Dammit.

And someone has finally has made the hardware to use the iPod Touch as a VOIP device using the built in wifi. Read all about that here.


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