10 of my favorite authors/books

Yay!  My second list!  This isn’t a top ten, just ten of my favorites.  Let’s get right down to it…

  1. Basho.  This guy can write a Haiku that would make you cry.  Really nice stuff though, seriously.
  2. Ayn Rand.  I have read all of her stuff, fiction and non-fiction, and it’s pretty much right on time.
  3. Irving Chernev.  Logical Chess, along with his other books on Chess, are the best ones out there.
  4. Zora Neale Hurston.  All questions about the heart, and love, are answered by her.
  5. Toni Morrison.  All of her books, in a way, scare the shit out of me.  Really great writing.
  6. Miyamoto Musashi.  Go Rin No Sho is a classic.  I keep going back to it.
  7. Balthasar Gracian.  The Art of Worldly Wisdom is like the 10 Crack Commandments for decent people.
  8. Morihiro Saito.  Both of his series of books on Aikido are quite simply the gold standard.
  9. Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables.  This is a great book.
  10. Nick Hornby’s How To Be Good. A beautiful premise.

One Response to 10 of my favorite authors/books

  1. Laney says:

    #10 is in my tops as well. I really like Nick Hornby books, though the movies have all been butchered.

    David Sedaris is my main man, I think. I like genuinely funny people, what can I say?

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