It was never really an argument…

Wow.  I have ALWAYS felt this way, and I don’t know what inspires me now to write about it, but here here we are.  It was never really Pro-choice or Pro-life.  It isn’t really possible to put it like that.   The problem here is the concept of The Package Deal.  Simply put, the very verbage of the terms and the idea of one “or” the other is a concept you have to swallow in it’s entirety.  It is flawed.

Let’s break it down a bit, shall we?

Pro-life.  Define it as you want.  It stands as a catchphrase that is directly opposed to “Pro-choice.”

Uh-oh.  What does Pro-choice mean?  Choice.  As simple as that.  Choice is an issue of freedom, the freedom to choose.  To oppose the freedom to choose implies an issue of force.  Being “Pro-choice” does not mean “Pro-death” or “The Opposite of Everything Pro-life.”  It means “Pro-The Idea Of Having The Right To Make Decisions.”  No one can really be “Pro-death.”  If words mean anything at all, a cursory look at the implication of these words would spell that out for you.

What they won’t say, what they won’t call themselves, is “Pro-force.”  “Pro-you will live OR die by our preconceived and ill-informed ideas of how society should be, whether you like it or not.”  I’m sure that there is a better name than “Pro-force” but it has already been taken.

When you call it “Pro-force” or “Pro-choice” it seems more accurate, methinks.


6 Responses to It was never really an argument…

  1. emily says:


  2. Tammy Walker says:

    i always dig reading what you have to say. And, this is no different. WORD!

  3. autrelle says:

    Indeed, WORD!!!

  4. Sam says:

    wordra. that’s the smartest fuckin thing i’ve heard all year.

  5. JRV says:

    You make an interesting point. But is choice a good thing when you’re choosing between letting an innocent being live or not live? In that case, I’d rather be pro-life — or pro-(life)force, if you prefer …

  6. autrelle says:

    The idea is choice, whatever the choice may be. Even in the decision to not have an abortion, it is a decision that you have to make for yourself, that you have to choose for yourself. So, really, you’re still pro-choice. Like I said, pro-choice does not equate to pro-death. But people should not be coerced or forced to make that decision. I won’t get into my opinion on the whole argument about whether the unborn entity has a say or consideration here – it’s already been stated eloquently by one of my favorite authors. I just don’t think that people should be threatened, doctors hurt or killed, facilities destroyed – that is an issue of force, not choice, or life.

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