My Wing Chun teacher said a profound statement to me the other day about martial arts.  Allow me to paraphrase:

There are only two things that happen in martial arts, no matter what “style” you are doing: You are either meeting force with force, or you are deflecting or redirecting force.  That is all.

Pretty good stuff.  Anyway.  We had a seminar with Guro Sean Hurst.  The subject was how the knife work informs and defines the empty hand practice (sound familiar Aikidokas?)  We worked on the Outside Vertical Gunting against the Jab-Cross, using the double dagger.  So the drills were how to counter a basic boxing combo when armed with two knives, held point downward, using specific cutting routes against the arms.  Then we did the same thing without the daggers.  The difference then was that we went into Dumog, or grappling methods.  Now, let me paint you a picture:  Katatedori sotowaza.  In my Aikido class that I teach we have been going over kokyu and musubi.  I have a lot of new students, so I was going over the basic idea of raising the arm using kokyu, a la Kokyu Dosa.  This is usually uchiwaza, where the contact is maintained on the inside of uke’s wrist.  So, soto is to the outside, (duh) a la Nikyo.  Everything that we did in the Kali seminar, I was already doing exactly the same in my Aikido class.  Afterwards, when I showed Guro Sean (he LOVES Aikido) what we were doing in my class, he just grinned from ear to ear.  It never ceases to amaze me.  With proper study, you can literally learn 10 differents ideas, if not ARTS, from doing one thing.  Like O’Sensei said:

Use one to strike the many.


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