One word: ZANSHIN.

This time, I’m checking identification at the door.  These three women come in.  I already know what’s going to happen.  The first two are 21, the last one is not, and she wants to go last.  Sure enough, I have her card in my hand, and it’s not real at all.  After she argues about it for a minute, I explain to her the details.  Basically, as long as she can prove that she’s 18, I can let her in, no problem.  However, I can’t give her back her fake card.  I tell her that she won’t get in trouble for it, and that at the end up the night, we just cut them in half and discard them.  I also got a nice cash bounty per card, but, I didn’t see the need to tell her that.  Well, when I explained all of this to her, she seemed to be ready to let it go.  She pointed to the scissors that I used to cut wristbands with and asked me a simple favor, which I didn’t have a problem doing: “Cut it in half, right now.”


As soon as I reached for the scissors, she snatched the card right out of my hand, FAST.  I was scared for my life, because, in my mind, she may as well had cut my throat or decked me with a chair.  In that moment, when she asked me to cut it in half, she caused me to let my guard down, and shifted the control of the encounter. I mean, no matter what she could have done, at that moment that she grabbed her card from me, I would have never seen coming, because I was not paying attention.  I thought that she had already given up.  I was wrong.  Immediately afterwards, I put her hand in a kotegaeshi and explained that if she didn’t give me the card, she was going to jail.  She complied fully then.

What I learned:

Anyone can hurt you at anytime if you’re not paying attention.  Unaware is half beaten.


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