This time:

Sankyo henka

Ago ate

Perversion of Kaiten nage

Ground Fighting with two attackers

Mawashi geri

Same ol’ set up.  Me and my head of security were throwing some kids out of the back door.  I say kids because they looked younger to me, maybe 18 or so.  Three of them, two of us.  Anyway, one of the kids starts to freak out on me, so I put him in sankyo, thinking, well, he’ll feel this and just come along with me.  Not so much in this case.  He was just squirming out of it.  I have used sankyo before successfully.  This time, no dice.  We were right by the door, and he friends were noticing how much trouble this guy was trying to give me, and they were all getting ready to fight us.  So, I decided that it was time to play it safe and release this guy so that I could help my friend deal with the other two.  The guy I had in sankyo, I spun him around and then threw him with an ago ate.  For anyone reading that is not familiar with the term, this is one of those throws that is done by push the chin up and then sharply down.  So he falls down.  He rolled back up to his knees pretty fast, and then tried to grab my legs, I guess to grapple or something.  I stepped back and pushed down on his head, and when he used his hand to catch his balance, I stomped on it.  It’s the same stomp you might do as nage when uke touches the mat with his hand while taking kaiten nage ukemi.  Well, that’s when his friend tackled me down the stairs.  It was only about three stairs, so I was not injured.  When we landed, the guy that tackled me was on top, but I managed to have him in my guard.  I must say that at this time, BJJ was popular, but things like UFC were not, yet.  You didn’t have to know much Jiu Jitsu at that time to win a street fight.  My coworker was fighting one person, standing.  I was fighting a second.  The third was the that I had already sankyo-ed and ago ate-ed and hand stomped.  That third person was sort of on the sidelines.  I decided that rather than try to do some fancy submission, to simply headbutt the guy a few times, and take some of the fight out of him.  Guy number three, being a good friend, took this opportunity to kick me square in the side of the head.  That really, really hurt.  A lot.  When he tried to kick me again, I grabbed his pant leg so he couldn’t.  So here I am, underneath one guy that I’m trying to grapple, and being kicked in the head by his friend.  I realize that I’m not going to last much longer like this.  So, I took a chance.  I fired two more hard head butts at the guy on top of me, and then I open my guard, while letting go of the other guy’s pant leg.  The guy I was grappling was more than happy to get the heck out of there, and the other guy scrambled back when I let go of his leg in a way that gave me the space and time to get up.  So this guy, the one that kicked me, squared off with me, “dukes up” and all.  I was reflecting on the fact that this guy had just kicked me in the head, trying to really hurt me.  Then really, out of nowhere, I took him to Korea.  My T’ang Soo Do kicked in like never before.  I say that because although T’ang Soo Do was the first art that I studied, I had never used it in a fight.  Not until now.  I hit him with a roundhouse kick.  It landed on his neck.  His eyes closed and his knees buckled.  I had effectively knocked him out, right from the get go, with one kick.  I was scared, impressed, surprised, all at the same time.  I looked around to see what was happening with the other two.  They were standing there watching what just happened to their friend, and then they ran and left him.  They guy I knocked out, he woke up a few seconds later, and also ran off.  They came back and threw bottles at us.  When they ran out of bottles, they finally left for good.

What I learned:

When your holds fail on the street, you have two basic options.  You can chase the same hold and try to apply more pressure.  I don’t like this because you end up wasting energy, and you usually end up hurting someone for no reason.  You can also switch the hold to something else, or throw.  Me likey second option, even to this day.

Grappling in the street is really, really, really stupid, and could get you killed.

High kicks are dangerous in real fighting.  But, they work.  Apparently if a 180 pound man hits you with a round kick in the neck, you might pass out.  That forced me to work on my kicks, my kick defense, and studying more about knockouts and pressure points.


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