For you generous types out there, I thought I would let you know that my birthday is coming up, and there’s no need to scratch your head about what to get me – I’ll tell you right now.  Any of you know who know me should know that I’ll cherish anything from this list forever.

  1. Ipod Classic or Ipod Touch.
  2. Ethan Weisgard’s books on Bukiwaza.
  3. The James Williams designed Hissatsu folding knife.
  4. Whenever they go on tour, tickets to go see BLOC PARTY.
  5. A gift card of any amount to any bookstore.
  6. Any computer system from here.  Any.  Or here.
  7. Another hookah from Mya, tobacco from Starbuzz, or coals from Coconara.
  8. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, anywhere.
  9. Bake me a cake.  French Vanilla is great, that’s what I heard.
  10. Get me a chess set like this and then play with me.
  11. A vinyl copy of INTIMACY.
  12. Make me the most amazing CD you can make.  Or a DVD stuffed with mp3s and video files.
  13. Take me to Borders.  You don’t even have to buy me anything.  I just like to go there and hang out.
  14. Bruce Lee on DVD.  I need those, for really real.
  15. A copy of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead.  Nothing fancy.

See how easy that was?  Get on it!


One Response to 2008 WISHLIST.

  1. becca says:

    word…i’m on it

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