I have a new morning regimen.  Basically, it’s four days of martial arts, two days of weightlifting.  Today, we went over some Panantukan (the boxing art in Kali) and Aikijo.

  • Panantukan: Jab-Cross Counters series
  • Aikijo: Kumijo 1 ~ 3, and linking 1 ~ 3 together for a longer Kumijo
  • Aikijo: 31 Kumijo 1-6 with the standard variations

The solutions that came up for linking the Kumijo were as interesting as they were instructive, and I will detail them later, when I have more time.

My basic plan is to get twice as good as I am now at martial arts in one year, and to be completely ripped in six months.  Look out world – here I come.


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