I made hunch punch for the first time in my life for the party that me and Colleen had.  It turned out really well: tasted great, you could drink it all night, and yet, if you didn’t respect it, it completely ruined your morning, completely.  I thought I would share the “recipe.”

Main ingredient number one: SKOL VODKA.  This is the cheap stuff.  We bought three 1.75 liter bottles of this, and I used all but half of one bottle in the punch.

Main ingredient number two: RON RICO PUERTO RICAN RUM.  This is also the cheap stuff.  One big bottle of this was also added to the cooler.

Ingredient number three: WATERMELON PUCKER LIQUER.  I figured it would mellow out the vodka.  It did.

Main ingredient four: BACARDI 151.  For kick.  I put about a third of this in the punch, and left the bottle on the side in case anyone wanted to spice their drink up a bit more.

Main ingredient five: JOSE CUERVO GOLD TEQUILA.  Actually, this was added as an afterthought.  One of my friends brought a pint to contribute to the cause, and we just poured the whole thing in with the rest.  It really did improve the flavor of what was already a tasty treat.

Those are all of the the alcoholic ingredients.  Now for the other parts:

Fruit, of course.  You know, the fruit that you are not supposed to eat, but at the end of the night, you’ve eaten five cups of it.  I sliced up a small watermelon, a cantelope, some oranges, and add two bags of assorted frozen berries.

Green Tea Ginger Ale.  I just thought it would funny to have 2 liters of something “healthy” in the punch.

Kool Aid packets.  Two.  Cherry.  Duh.

Fruit Punch.  I just bought the generic store brand stuff.  I bought five gallons of it, but ended only using four for the punch.

Ice.  Ice in the cooler, and ice on the side.

Combine all ingredients in a clean cooler.  Stir.  Serve with love and a party.  Respect it.


2 Responses to HUNCH PUNCH ANYONE?

  1. Eric Holcomb says:

    Respect it? Fear it sounds more like! Thanks for the recipe. I can’t imagine having a party large enough to require that volume of fluids right now but… maybe when I’m back in the States… nope, not even then. Half of that would lay waste to my frineds and their wives would never let me bartend again.


  2. autrelle says:

    LOL – One steadfast soul made off with a whole gallon of it before the night was over, and there was still plenty left over. I’m sure you could scale it down appropriately enough to suit a smaller setting.

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