Go no Jo.

Uchijo gets down on this one! No tsuki-parry-tsuki this time!!! It’s time to break out katate gedan gaeshi!!! Look out ukejo! This time around it’s hidari jodan choku tsuki, dodging a thrust while making katate gedan gaeshi no kamae, katate gedan gaeshi, and finishing with hidari gyakute uchi.


This is just like Ni no Jo.

  • Uchijo: Hidari Jodan Choku Tsuki
  • Ukejo: Jodan Choku Barai


Ukejo counters with hidari jodan choku tsuki just like Ni no Jo, and uchijo evades the thrust using the same footwork that uke uses in “ichi” of Yon no Jo, save that he moves the jo to katate gedan gaeshi no kamae.

  • Ukejo: Hidari Jodan Choku Tsuki
  • Uchijo: Hidari Katate Gedan Gaeshi no Kamae


Uchi take a step forward and whips uke with katate gedan gaeshi.  This strike goes from low to high, and is aimed towards the jaw.  Uke takes a step back and screens behind the jo with migi kaeshi barai.  Once again, uke does not expect to block this strike, but lets it flow past, using taisabaki and the jo as a backup shield.  Since this is a high strike, the “old” practice was to step back and down on the left knee so that the strike would pass harmlessly overhead.

  • Uchijo: Migi Katate Gedan Gaeshi
  • Ukejo: Migi Kaeshi Barai


Uchijo attacks one last time with a downward blow, which I refer to as hidari gyakute uchi.  Uke simultaneously parries and counter attacks with hidari kaeshi barai tsuki.

  • Uchijo: Hidari Gyakute Uchi
  • Ukejo: Hidari Kaeshi Barai Tsuki


If you have come this far, congratulations!  I can only talk about my current practice at this point.  Basically, I’m trying to codify a matrix where we start with one Kumijo and finish with any other.  For example, start Ichi no Jo, and finish with Ni, San, Yon, or Go no Jo, and so on.  If anyone has any other variations that they want to share, I’m all ears!!!!


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