I have received some good ideas and feedback from Jason Wotherspoon and Alejandro Villaneuva.  With what I have from them, I’m reworking some of the ideas.  I’m still going to list the curriculum as it, with notes.  I’m working on an extended revision of the 31 Kumijo, and adding the Jo Awase techniques.  I also plan on adding my Ken Tai Jo notes, which will be based on the newer version of the series, as well as  a section detailing some of the various parries used in the Aiki Jo system.  I have them organized as Harai, Nagashi, and Dome.  Until this is done, I only have the second revision to offer to anyone that wants to read it.  Warning to anyone that is already practicing Iwama Aiki Jo with a qualified instructor: you won’t see anything new here at all.  Thank you all for listening!



  1. Ryan Moore says:

    I’ve studied Iwama aiki jo, but I’m still curious as to how this is being modified. It would be nice to have a manual available.

  2. autrelle says:

    Not updates to Iwama Aiki Jo, but to the content of my notes on Aiki Jo. If you’re really jonesing for a copy it’s 15 USD.

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