Dodging my blog, that is.  The Aiki Jo Notebook has become a rather daunting task for me that has taken up any free time that I would used to blog.  There are a number of things that I had not considered when I thought about writing something for everyone to use.  For one, I didn’t consider the audience at all.  It’s hard to say who this notebook would appeal to.  Then there is the nomenclature.  Finding accurate names for unnamed techniques is just plain hard.  Another big problem is the information.  One section that I omitted in the notebook was Jo Awase.  It was something that I have only seen in Saito’s first book series.  I have never seen it in person, or on a video, and I was never taught the techniques by anyone.  Recently, someone very much in the know presented me with some resources regarding Jo Awase that blew my mind.  There’s a wealth of information contained in the Jo Awase that I daresay rivals the Kumijo techniques.  Any future revisions of the notebook would be written in respect to this, since the Suburi and Awase techniques are truly the key to understanding the Kumijo exercises.  Stay tuned.


One Response to THE ARTFUL DODGER.

  1. Andrew B. says:

    Keep it up. It sounds like a great project.

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