I have had a LOT of downloads for the Draft 5 copy of the AJNM.  I have had little feedback.  Just so you know, I’m looking for ANY sort of feedback: constructive, corrections, suggestions, help of any sort.  The last thing I’m looking for is a pat on the back, although, they are greatly appreciated.  I did take some posed photos today with my friend Mackensey.  We did them VERY fast, VERY early this morning, but I think that they will suffice to illustrate some basic points.  Since there was only two of us, I showcased the Jo Kamae, 20 Jo Suburi, 31 Jo Kata, and the 13 Jo Kata.  That means that the next draft, which will be 5.1, proper, will have those sections illustrated.  I’m dusting off my layout skills now, so, it may be a few weeks.

Other than that, I’m also gearing up for a Tribe-K seminar this weekend.  Mr. Scott Gray, Head Instructor of the Kodenkan Dojo here in town, has invited Joseph Turner and myself to teach a four hour presentation of various ideas.  I’m going to cover the basics of Kali, and how they relate and transition to empty hand striking and throwing techniques.  Joseph has cooked up a little surprise that I’m not quite ready to let out of the bag just yet.

Lastly, I will be deejaying again this Wednesday at The Eclipse.  If you haven’t been, I would love to see you!


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