I’ve been checking the stats from my Box.net account, and since uploading it on May 24th, the Jo Manual has been downloaded 187 times.  That doesn’t include those people that were kind enough to email me to request a copy.  All together, that’s over 200 copies out there!  Where’s my feedback!?  I’m getting to the next stage, which is revising the text and illustrating the movements.  As far as text revisions, the main point will be to revise the terminology again so that it is consistent, from Suburi to Kumijo, and then add a glossary.  As far as illustrations, I’m going to illustrate ALL of it.  Then I can get to work on the Aiki Ken and the Ken Jo no Riai books.  So, talk to me people.  Let me know what’s up.


2 Responses to 200+ AND BARELY A PEEP.

  1. Dee Eff says:


  2. Jess says:


    Where tha fuck is my copy?

    I will give you some feedback. Rest assured, lil guy. I will give you some motherfucking FEEDBACK

    And you will enjoy eating it
    That is all


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