We are literally killing each other at a frightening rate. Literally. Killing. Each other. Take a moment to think about that.

Now, the way my mind sees things, I feel that they are very easy solutions to these types of things. What I mean when I say that is that, the ideal situation seems easy: let’s stop killing each other. I realized today that I need to find ways to communicate my ideas better, and find ways to reach a larger audience. My ideas are not original, and they are not complex, but it usually takes a conversation to get my point across. I think that the key is to give out little pieces of the big picture. Not pieces of the puzzle, because that very wording suggests that life is something confusing and not to be understood directly, through direct observation and your own experience. So I offer you a piece: Let’s stop hurting each other. I want to start a Harm No One Day. A day that we can all acknowledge and make a conscious decision to hurt no one. Period. Imagine a day when:

  • Spouses don’t hurt each other
  • Parents don’t hurt children
  • Humans don’t hurt animals
  • Strangers don’t hurt each other

You get the point by now. Harm comes in many forms, whether it’s someone beating a child, a soldier in the line of duty that has to kill an enemy combatant, a police officer shoots someone, a business overcharges someone for a product, a lover yells at their significant other. I’m not proposing some sort of “love everyone day,” but simply, just don’t hurt anyone. Period. We have all had harm inflicted on us at some point or another, and knowing how that feels, only a complete lack of empathy, if not humanity, we allow us to want to inflict that onto anyone else. It’s funny, because in thinking of a logo for this, my first thought was a fist, with that circle around it and the line through it thingy, and I remembered that the very word, Bu, which is the prefix for Martial Arts in Japanese, is made of two characters: “spear” and “stop.” The meaning implies stopping violence. It’s all full circle. My path is clear. I’m working ON it.


One Response to ONE WAY WE CAN DO IT.

  1. J says:

    A – I dig this. Who wouldn’t? It’s not a buy something for someone day, but give the great gift of respect. Keep on with this… let me know if I can help.

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