I’m walking home after working out today. A woman, standing out on the street, says something to me. It sounds like “Do you have any change?” or something to that effect. I politely dismissed her, and then she asked me again, and this time I listened. She asked me “Can you show me how to read this bus schedule?” Anything really good that I felt about myself was immediately cast aside. Here I am, literally, a big scary black man, dressed like a vagabond, carrying my big bag of crazy with me, walking down the street, my street, in Jacksonville, and I was too concerned with my own prejudice to actually hear an older white female ask me for help with reading a bis schedule so that she could get downtown. all because at first glance, I thought she looked crazy. The worst part is that I ride the bus too, and the schedule is sometimes hard to read, so I had so much empathy for her. Ugh – worst Autrelle ever.



  1. it happens … at least you are aware …

  2. WhitneyAlexander says:

    I like this.

  3. miscellany101 says:

    Get over it. You’ll have plenty of chances to make good on it if you care to.

  4. Israel Cruz says:

    you the Man Brother!!!!!

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