DNBK Kigami Biraki

Perry Lambert Sensei, great friend, senior Aikidoka, and brother to me, invited me to a special training session this morning. The group was extremely friendly as always. Perry was his usual warm and congenial self. I brought my good friend Joseph Turner with me. We got introduced to everyone, and I met, for the first time, Luis Santos Sensei. It was a rather cold morning, so everyone did their best to warm up before the class started. We bowed in, and Lambert Sensei led us through a good warm up and some ukemi.

Santos Sensei—He started off the first technique with men tsuki kokyunage. He used a nagashi technique to deal with the punch. From the same attack, he showed a different nagashi entry that finished with a variation of iriminage.

Autrelle—Yes, a most unexpected surprise. I was asked to go next! I kept in tune with the nagashi theme versus a punch, and then demonstrated a yonkyo variation and the counter for it.

Lambert Sensei—He kept the party going as I expected he would, with sharp and scary waza! He showed an awesome entry against a person attacking with two roundhouse punches, finishing with ikkyo/ude osae. Then he showed a kubiwaza counter to a straight punch. Everything was going great so far!!!

After the break, the rotation started again.

Santos Sensei—Iriminage against a fast jab cross combo, kotegaeshi against the same combo, and kotegaeshi in response to a ko-yokomen followed by a punch to the stomach. Very nice stuff.

Autrelle—I showed two basic jo dori techniques along with the counters for them.

Lambert Sensei—Time was running out so he could only show one more technique, but it’s on of his best: kosadori iriminage. He cracked my back when he threw me! It felt great!

Being asked to teach someone else’s students, especially amongst such high ranking instructors, was truly a first for me. It was an experience that I do not take for granted. More than that, it was an honor and a privilege. It was refreshing to see Aikidoka from different backgrounds come together and share as they did today. Truly, it was “No Drama Aikido.” More than that, it was really a great demonstration of the meaning of Aikido as “The way of harmony.” This will most sure have a lasting effect on my approach to working with others as I continue on my on path of self-cultivation.


3 Responses to DNBK Kigami Biraki

  1. Autrelle, it was great having you and Joey at the dojo. I learned a lot from both of you. Thanks again for attending and teaching – I really enjoyed it! It is nice to know that there are others who like to practice NDA – “No Drama Aikido.” Thanks again! Perry Lambert

  2. Also, I appreciate all of the fine points that you covered regarding the techniques that you showed – they were presented thoroughly and clearly which helped me to process them (although I need to practice them about a thousand more times).

  3. There’s nothing like an excellent training session with excellent folks! Sounds like you had a great time. Keep up the good training.

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