Opening a dojo tomorrow. Starting 2010 off in style, doing what I love. I’ll keep you posted.


4 Responses to IT BEGINS

  1. Eric Holcomb says:


    That is awesome! You are living a dream of mine. Please take and post many pictures.


    • autrelle says:

      Eric, thanks for the warm wishes! I’ll take some pics as it will be most interesting. For example, no mats-teaching concrete ukemi. I’ve done it before as an object lesson, but never as status quo! This first group, they are going to be tough!!!

  2. Ziggy says:

    Wow thats going to be rough, are you teaching beginners as well or only more advanced students? Concrete is a tough way to learn Ukemi for a beginner! I have tried rolls on concrete a few times and it was not too bad but i would have been terrified to start that way.

    • autrelle says:

      All beginners. We all are. We take our time when ukemi comes up. Stay soft, round, relax, breathe. Heck, we are doing yoga on the concrete as well!

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