Koichi Tohei is perhaps the most notable of O’Sensei’s students, being his first 10th Dan. There are numerous accounts from the other shihans of Tohei’s strength and ability. He was also, I suspect, the pit bull that O’Sensei would sic on visitors who wanted to know if Aikido was “real” or not. He was famous for teaching a particular set of 50 techniques. I list them here in the order that they appear in his bookAikido: The Coordination of Mind and Body. In my own time, I am comparing the techniques and their execution to others such as O’Sensei, Morihiro Saito, Gozo Shioda, Shoji Nishio, Yoshimitsu Yamada, and Christian Tissier, and my own daily practice. Perhaps you might do the same and see what you come up with.

Tohei Sensei’s 50 Arts of Aikido


  1. Katatedori Kokyuho Tenkan
  2. Katatedori Kokyuho Irimi
  3. Kosadori Kokyunage (Iriminage)
  4. Kosadori Kotegaeshi
  5. Suwariwaza Kokyudosa
  6. Katatedori Kokyunage (Iriminage chudan)
  7. Katatedori Kotegaeshi (Chudan)
  8. Katatedori Kokyunage Irimi (Tenchinage omote)
  9. Katatedori Kokyunage Tenkan (Sokumen iriminage)
  10. Katatedori Kokyunage Tenkan (Soto mawari kaiten nage)
  11. Katadori Ikkyo Irimi (Omote)
  12. Katadori Ikkyo Tenkan (Ura)
  13. Katadori Nikyo Irimi (Omote)
  14. Katadori Nikyo Tenkan (Ura)
  15. Katadori Kokyunage Irimi (Iriminage)
  16. Katadori Kokyunage Tenkan (Hiraki)
  17. Yokomenuchi Shihonage (Omote)
  18. Yokomenuchi Kokyunage Tenkan (Tai mawari)
  19. Yokomenuchi Kokyunage Tenkan (Iriminage)
  20. Yokomenuchi Kokyunage Tenkan (Hiraki)
  21. Yokomenuchi Kokyunage Irimi (Tanren)
  22. Yokomenuchi Kokyunage Irimi (Iriminage)
  23. Shomenuchi Kokyunage Irimi (Iriminage)
  24. Shomenuchi Kotegaeshi
  25. Shomenuchi Ikkyo Irimi (Omote)
  26. Shomenuchi Ikkyo Tenkan (Ura)
  27. Shomenuchi Nikyo Irimi (Omote)
  28. Shomenuchi Nikyo (Ura)
  29. Shomenuchi Sankyo Irimi (Omote)
  30. Shomenuchi Sankyo Tenkan (Ura)
  31. Munetsuki Kotegaeshi
  32. Munetsuki Hantai Tenkan (Tai Sabaki, Nikyo)
  33. Munetsuki Kotegaeshi Hantai Tenkan
  34. Katatedori Ryotemochi Kokyunage Irimi (Iriminage)
  35. Katatedori Ryotemochi Kokyunage Tenkan (Iriminage)
  36. Katatedori Ryotemochi Kokyunage Tenkan (Iriminage)
  37. Katatedori Ryotemochi Kotegaeshi (Uchidori)
  38. Katatedori Ryotemochi Nikyo (Uchi)
  39. Katatedori Ryotemochi Nikyo (Soto)
  40. Ushiro Tekubitori Ikkyo
  41. Ushiro Tekubitori Kotegaeshi
  42. Ushiro Tekubitori Sankyo
  43. Ushiro Tekubitori Kotegaeshi Tenkan (Henka)
  44. Ushiro Hijidori Kotegaeshi
  45. Ushiro Katadori Kotegaeshi
  46. Ushiro Katadori Kokyunage
    1. Ago Tsuki Ate
    2. Kokyunage (Sokumen Iriminage)
  47. Ushiro Kubijime Kokyunage (O Taiotoshi)
  48. Ushiro Kokyunage (Kosen)
  49. Ushiro Katatedori Kubijime Sankyo
  50. Ushiro Katatedori Kubijime Sankyo (Henka)



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