I have been receiving lots  of requests for the Jo Manual. It is no longer being offered for free. I would like to explain why. When I first made earlier drafts of it freely available, it was on a simple condition that I receive something back in the way of feedback, good or bad. After sending it as an email attachment to over 200 people, and watching the stats from the uploaded version that showed it had been downloaded over 300 times, I have received feedback from about 10 people. Insightful as the feedback was, it gave me the impression that the manual was not feedback or comment worthy. Currently I use it as a reference tools for my students. I have given a few printed copies to some peers locally for their own use. If anyone is really that interested in a copy, I will send you a PDF of the manual for $15 usd. Simply email me at autrelleatgmaildotcom for the paypal information. All money goes toward further updates and an eventual fully illustrated print or ebook version.

That may or may not sound like bad news, depending on your situation. What I do offer for free right are some videos that are on my dojo’s site. Here you will find ken and jo videos.


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