Of course, I’m referring to my set of notes on Aiki Jo.  As it is, it just needs to be illustrated, either with photographs or drawings.  I have received a lot of technical feedback and help from Alejandro Villanueva and Jason Wotherspoon.  Surely, there is a lot that would not have happened in this set of notes were it not for the generous back and forth emails of these two splendid martial artists.

In the course of compiling these notes, I have had a number of questions raised, and even a few answered.  I tried my best to share the answers in my manual, while not stirring up any new mysteries based on any misunderstanding of my own.  Fortunately, I was able to draw on another resource that helped out immensely: Guro Dan Inosanto’s notes on Kali and JKD.

Don’t get excited.  I’m not sitting here next to him going through his notes.  A simple search on Scribd for “Inosanto Kali” will yield the sort of results I’m talking about.  The way that Kali is organized, while not fitting along exactly side by side with Aikido, should certainly inspire some organization to our practice.  Surely, Kanai Sensei and Saito Sensei, two men known for their exacting and technical nuance, would have appreciated the way that Guro Inosanto keeps his own practice methods severely organized for future students to look after.


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