I have had a LOT of downloads for the Draft 5 copy of the AJNM.  I have had little feedback.  Just so you know, I’m looking for ANY sort of feedback: constructive, corrections, suggestions, help of any sort.  The last thing I’m looking for is a pat on the back, although, they are greatly appreciated.  I did take some posed photos today with my friend Mackensey.  We did them VERY fast, VERY early this morning, but I think that they will suffice to illustrate some basic points.  Since there was only two of us, I showcased the Jo Kamae, 20 Jo Suburi, 31 Jo Kata, and the 13 Jo Kata.  That means that the next draft, which will be 5.1, proper, will have those sections illustrated.  I’m dusting off my layout skills now, so, it may be a few weeks.

Other than that, I’m also gearing up for a Tribe-K seminar this weekend.  Mr. Scott Gray, Head Instructor of the Kodenkan Dojo here in town, has invited Joseph Turner and myself to teach a four hour presentation of various ideas.  I’m going to cover the basics of Kali, and how they relate and transition to empty hand striking and throwing techniques.  Joseph has cooked up a little surprise that I’m not quite ready to let out of the bag just yet.

Lastly, I will be deejaying again this Wednesday at The Eclipse.  If you haven’t been, I would love to see you!



Tonight is my second night deejaying at The Eclipse for the “GUILTY PLEASURES” night.  Tonight’s theme: Pajama Party.  It can’t get much better than that.  Oh wait, it can: For the first hour, I’m throwing down nothing but Joy Division, New Order, and Bloc Party.  I’m ROCKING tonight.


I’ll make up for this, I swear.  The book and the New Year have been keeping me busy.  There is a lot to get you all caught up on, so stay tuned.

2007 in Review

January was only okay.  I didn’t go out for the Eve celebration.  Instead, I stayed home, and I stayed sober.  I didn’t have any company at all, and the only phone calls I got were from my girlfriend at that time, who lived out of state.  I pretty much regret not going out.  I regret not going out because I wanted to go out, but I stayed home just to stay in good favor with said former girlfriend.  We both have a tendency to take things too far when we go out drinking.  I didn’t want to worry about her driving around and doing something crazy with me not there, and I know what I am capable of when the Remy hits the system.  So she partied at a friend’s house, and I stayed home.  I really think that I was a complete toolbox for that.  That’s a lesson learned.  That relationship ended on a bad note, and more on that later.

This year, I have made some great connections with some great people.  Each of them has provided an element to my life, and that’s going to be what I write about.  Well, that and some other stuff.  Let’s start with Joey and Sean.  I’ve known Joey forever.  I first met him at my very first Aikido seminar in 1994.  I really hated him.  For no reason.  What I mean is, the only thing he did wrong was be better than me in Aikido.  So really, it was envy.  I never had a conversation with the guy until the recent couple of years.  He’s a great guy and a very dedicated martial artist.  I met Sean through Joey.  Sean is another great martial artist and a like-minded person.  They both have inspired me to take my training more seriously, and they have given me support and resources to explore different avenues of my training.  I’m becoming more academic about my training.  I’ve written several published essays, and currently, I’m working on a reference manual for my Aikido practice.  Hopefully, I’ll be making some instructional material available on DVD.  We’ll see how that goes.

Writing.  Yes, I’ve been writing a lot lately.  I forgot how much that I really enjoy writing.  Blogging is great, because it satisfies both my ego and my addiction to all things internet.  I plan on getting some hosted space soon, and then it’s on.  It will literally be a one stop spot for all things Autrelle.  I’ve been writing about myself, computers, martial arts, whatever strikes my fancy.  So that and martial arts have been my focus.  Oh, and Saving The World.

I already wrote about this in several posts.  I think it can be done.  I know it has to be done.  I can’t wait any longer.  The World I live in, in my mind, and with the people that I talk to – it’s perfect.  It’s amazing.  I wish that everyone could live here.  There is no crime here.  No hatred, no bigotry, no (insert whatever here)-phobias, no violence, no rape, no child abuse, no animal abuse.  We grow together, feed each other, encourage each other to embrace our dreams and our passions.  We’re strong people.  Creative artists, scientists, authors, counsellors, teachers, parents, husbands, wives, lawyers, musicians, martial artists, business owners – that’s where I live, surrounded by an almost utopian society of these people.  That’s my World.  Unfortunately, for now, my World is small.  I’m working on expanding it.

That’s all I have for now.  This is my reflection on my 2007.  I’ve only scratched the surface.  I have more to share with you coming soon.  I promise.

The year in review

So this Friday was my birthday. I thought that I would share some of the things that I have learned this year with all of you.

  • The world has to be saved. And it can be done. You just have to give a crap.
  • There’s more great music out there than I know what to do with it. Seriously.
  • Open source is the way to go. You’re reading this courtesy of Ubuntu.
  • I’ll never ever again be brain-pimped. If you don’t know what I mean, read Atlas Shrugged or ask me about a certain jackass that owes me money.
  • I have some amazing friends. Martial artists, teachers, stylists, scientists, writers, rappers, dancers, you name it.
  • I’m addicted to my hookah. I would pretty much cry if I couldn’t get my daily fix.
  • Time does heal all wounds. Sometimes it just takes lots of time!
  • I have no patience for certain things. Seriously – I really don’t.
  • A certain someone is my special someone always. I know what that means now to really carry something like that in my heart.
  • Martial arts is my calling. Some of you would say “duh” but I have never been blessed with a great deal of coordination or talent beyond what the average person has. I’ve been doing martial arts for almost 18 years now – that’s insane.
  • I’m learning to deal with people in a more open manner. It’s a refreshing approach. I’m not a dishonest person, but sometimes I’m a very closed and impersonal person. I’m learning to be more honest with myself and how to extend that feeling in my dealings with others.
  • My sense of humor is the best.
  • I’ve turned the internet into a past time.
  • I’m simultaneously the most and least likely person to kick your ass if you offend me.
  • Sex is good. Fighting is bad.
  • I really value my me-time.
  • People will tell themselves a CRAZY story and run with it, all the way.
  • Even your best of friends should be put in check if they cross the line.
  • You can’t control who you like.
  • You can’t control who you love.
  • You can control who you hate.
  • You can always control what you do and how you act.
  • Some people use you and sometimes you use people. It’s not always a bad thing, but it’s something to be aware of.
  • The only one holding me back is myself.
  • Someone out there has it way worse than me and they are not complaining.
  • I demand that people demand the best from me and from themselves.

    Having been treated poorly, I acknowledge that it is important to be really nice when the chance presents itself.

    That’s all I got this year. For now. 2008 here I come!

    First Jacksonville, then the WORLD

    I’m going to save the world. One day at a time. One person at a time. One conversation at a time. One class at a time. Anyone can help. Here’s all you have to do: Stop being MORALLY GRAY.

    If you haven’t read “The Virtue of Selfishness” by Ayn Rand, then get on it. It’s short, and it will get you started. Anyways, cut it out. Define your beliefs and priciples in a clear, objective way, and embrace NO CONTRADICTION WHATSOEVER. You can’t compromise between food and poison, and you can’t comromise between good and evil. Either you believe in something, and you stand for it, and you LIVE BY IT, OR YOU DON’T. It’s really exactly like that. Once you decide to live your life by integrating your own, rational thoughts, it’s a no brainer: you will always eat right, you will always treat other people right, you’ll actually do the things you want to do. You’ll do this because you understand that IF YOU DON’T LIVE YOUR LIFE THE WAY THAT YOU THINK ABOUT IT, EITHER THE WAY YOU THINK IS SH*T, IF NOT, THEN YOUR LIFE IS, IF NOT BOTH.

    How did that feel? I hear all of you, EVERYDAY.
    “I’m so sick of DJ X at club X.”
    “I hate the way the guy I’m dating treats me.”
    “I hate the way my hair looks.”
    “I hate my job.”
    “I’m tired of getting my ass kicked everyday.”
    “I can’t believe what the president did this time.”

    Okay then. Guess what. It’s time for all of this sh*t to stop. It starts with you. You hate liars? Quit lying to people, and quit hanging out with liars. Hate cheaters? Quit dating them. Hate your job? Quit, or start your own business. Hate certain clubs or deejays? Stop going there and support what you do like. Let me give you a step-by-step idea:

    1. Really take the time to think about what it is you truly believe in.
    2. Having done that, integrate those beliefs in your life in a CONCRETE WAY, WITH CONCRETE ACTIONS. No abstractions at all.
    3. Support things that are in line with what you believe. Go out of your way to do this. Create them if you have to.
    4. Give no support or sanction AT ALL of anything that is contrary to your beliefs. Do nothing to encourage or appease evil. This is really important. As soon as you make that “tiny” allowance for evil, for WHAT YOU KNOW YOU DON’T AND CAN’T STAND FOR, look what you have done. Look at what you ENCOURAGE, and look at what you DISCOURAGE.

    We can save Jacksonville, and we can save the world. It has to be ever vigilant. If you don’t believe me – watch.