When I’m not doing Martial Arts, or ranting about something that pisses me off, I have all kinds of fun, all kinds of ways.  One of those ways is deejaying.


October 5

I met up with a bunch of my friends the night before my birthday.
There was some beer involved. I had my camera. This is what happened.

Last week at the Pearl

Rhiannon, Mike, and yours truly met up with Jamie and Joy at the Pearl.
There was fun to be had. Enjoy. Oh – My birthday is Friday – show some love.

The other day

I met up with my friend Heather Vega for lunch at Dona Maria’s the other day. It wasn’t the most memorable meal, but the company was exceptional, and the weather was great. Ours is always is brilliant conversation! It makes me feel good to have people like this in my life. That’s all for now. More later for sure. Check out her site, the link is in the side column.

The Ballad of Melody White

For those of you that have known Melody White for a while, you also know that this is the 10 year anniversary of the death of her sister, Angela. If you never got to meet Angela, you really missed out, because she’s brilliant. Melody has gone through a lot to get through this. She has had the support of some very good people, parents, what have you. And she has also been a source of strength and a reminder of those things that are really important in life.

Melody, I celebrate you, as triumphant, and I love you as my own sister, as you have loved Angela. To Angela: it’s not enough to say that I miss you.

(From Melody’s myspace page)

Reality-based hanging-out

I had a great time yesterday. I was in a photo shoot for my friend’s company. I met up with an old friend for drinks after that. Then, to cap it off, I had dinner with two other dear friends of mine, and our server was one of my number ones. A day without pretense. I only wish a certain person could see me now.

c o m i n g s o o n:

-more Aikido posts
-more martial arts posts in general
-more tech related posts
-more book and music posts

I promise you, I will.