Quit Using Limewire You Idiots

I mean that in the nicest way.
Instead, you should use Frostwire.
It’s the open source version of Lime Wire Pro, it’s free, it never whines about paying to “upgrade” and it’s better than ever now.
Features include:

Completely Free & open-source

Firewall-to-firewall transfers

Turbo-Charged Download Speeds

Absolutely NO Spyware or Adware

Connects to more sources

Creative Commons license support

Max. speed network connections

Junk Result Filters

Community Chat Rooms

iTunes Integration

BitTorrent Support

Proxy Support

The .torrent support is a brilliant catch because I can use one app to handle all of my downloads. Combine that with it being cross-platform (that just means it runs on any computer) and you can’t beat it. As Courtney and Nikki say: “Get it ahhh…”