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2007 in Review

January was only okay.  I didn’t go out for the Eve celebration.  Instead, I stayed home, and I stayed sober.  I didn’t have any company at all, and the only phone calls I got were from my girlfriend at that time, who lived out of state.  I pretty much regret not going out.  I regret not going out because I wanted to go out, but I stayed home just to stay in good favor with said former girlfriend.  We both have a tendency to take things too far when we go out drinking.  I didn’t want to worry about her driving around and doing something crazy with me not there, and I know what I am capable of when the Remy hits the system.  So she partied at a friend’s house, and I stayed home.  I really think that I was a complete toolbox for that.  That’s a lesson learned.  That relationship ended on a bad note, and more on that later.

This year, I have made some great connections with some great people.  Each of them has provided an element to my life, and that’s going to be what I write about.  Well, that and some other stuff.  Let’s start with Joey and Sean.  I’ve known Joey forever.  I first met him at my very first Aikido seminar in 1994.  I really hated him.  For no reason.  What I mean is, the only thing he did wrong was be better than me in Aikido.  So really, it was envy.  I never had a conversation with the guy until the recent couple of years.  He’s a great guy and a very dedicated martial artist.  I met Sean through Joey.  Sean is another great martial artist and a like-minded person.  They both have inspired me to take my training more seriously, and they have given me support and resources to explore different avenues of my training.  I’m becoming more academic about my training.  I’ve written several published essays, and currently, I’m working on a reference manual for my Aikido practice.  Hopefully, I’ll be making some instructional material available on DVD.  We’ll see how that goes.

Writing.  Yes, I’ve been writing a lot lately.  I forgot how much that I really enjoy writing.  Blogging is great, because it satisfies both my ego and my addiction to all things internet.  I plan on getting some hosted space soon, and then it’s on.  It will literally be a one stop spot for all things Autrelle.  I’ve been writing about myself, computers, martial arts, whatever strikes my fancy.  So that and martial arts have been my focus.  Oh, and Saving The World.

I already wrote about this in several posts.  I think it can be done.  I know it has to be done.  I can’t wait any longer.  The World I live in, in my mind, and with the people that I talk to – it’s perfect.  It’s amazing.  I wish that everyone could live here.  There is no crime here.  No hatred, no bigotry, no (insert whatever here)-phobias, no violence, no rape, no child abuse, no animal abuse.  We grow together, feed each other, encourage each other to embrace our dreams and our passions.  We’re strong people.  Creative artists, scientists, authors, counsellors, teachers, parents, husbands, wives, lawyers, musicians, martial artists, business owners – that’s where I live, surrounded by an almost utopian society of these people.  That’s my World.  Unfortunately, for now, my World is small.  I’m working on expanding it.

That’s all I have for now.  This is my reflection on my 2007.  I’ve only scratched the surface.  I have more to share with you coming soon.  I promise.