So much happened last week that it has taken me this long to be able to write about it.  I suppose it’s best if I just go day-by-day.

Wednesday, October 1: Art Walk.  Saw all of my friends there, as expected.  I had a few drinks and almost got into a fight with a homeless person.  I also met a nice woman who stole a pair of shoes from me.

Thursday, October 2: DJ’ed at Eclipse. The crowd that was there enjoyed me for the most part, and the manager was very happy with my set.  One thing – when I’m playing great stuff like Debbie Deb and Electronic, I didn’t like getting a request for REO Speedwagon.

Friday, October 3: Nothing.  Did some last minute planning for the party at Shantytown.  It was good because I got enough rest that night in order to…

Saturday, October 4: Woke up and trained with Mr. Jason at the Kodenkan dojo.  After that, I had lunch at Moon River.  After that, me and Colleen, my co-party-thrower went and picked party supplies, aka booze.  She left to get her hur did, and I cut up fruit for hunch punch.  The party was great.  The punch turned out to be pleasant and mild tasting but extremely toxic, which is what I was going for.  All of the deejays, including myself, were on point.  People brought toys which was awesome.  Colleen was a one-woman kissing booth to all.  Pictures and videos are everywhere but I haven’t had time to gather thenm yet.  I’m getting on it.

Sunday, October 5: Birthday.  I called all of my friends and thanked them for hanging out the night before, and made sure that the hunch punch didn’t ruin their lives.  A couple of my friends like to answer the phone “F*ck you and your hunch punch.”  Chris called me for lunch, his treat, and Joey and Tony joined us.  Colleen stopped by and hung out in the afternoon.  Joey and Tony stopped by, and we made an aimless trip to Target, where we just walked around.  I had fun.