CLOSER and Whitney

It’s 4 p.m. My coworker Brenda is a few minutes early, and agrees to take over so that I can leave. The weather – it’s perfect. It’s the kind of weather that makes you think that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to. It’s really the sort of day that makes two people fall in love. Chris meets me for a quick drink and a hookah at Casbah. I’m not sure what the mix was. Caralee picked it out. I wanted to sit out in that sun and that air and smoke it all day. Meriam has a new haircut, and it was one of those things that made me love her even more just for her looks. But, I had a different mission that day. Me and Chris secured some ammunition for our flasks. I went home to change out of my work clothes, and then we were off to dinner at La Nopalera.

Dinner was interesting, because the rest of the evening turned into a date. I met Whitney there. I let her know that I had every intention on giving the date a review on my blog, complete with photos. With that in mind, she really was a good sport, since I tend to make things hard. She passed the photo session with flying colors. I haven’t posted the pictures yet, but when you see them, you’ll notice that I am trying to appear bored and annoyed, but she still shows an amazing level of affection toward me. The conversation a little heavy for dinner, but it wasn’t trite either, so I let that slide. I thought about giving her points off for not wearing a skirt or a dress, but her hat made up for it somehow. We walked to the theater for the main event of the night. Me and Whitney got into an argument about social entitlement, and we decided that the date was over right then and there. Then she requested a do-over, which I thought was a marvelous technique. So, arm in arm, we started our second date of the evening: seeing Control at San Marco Theater.

Control is an Anton Corbijn film about the late Ian Curtis, member of the band Joy Division. It’s based on an account of his life written by his widow, Deborah Curtis. I really liked the movie for what it was. I have to explain to you what it really was, and what it was not. It was not a movie about Joy Division. It was a movie highlighting the more depressing aspects of Ian’s relationship with Deborah. I loved that somehow, as I watched it, they recreated a lot of the actual photos and concert footage that I have seen. I really liked that all of the musical footage was taken directly from actual recorded Joy Division footage, and not something distastefully redone. I was a bit upset that the focus was not on the music or the band as a whole. I also understand that a single movie wouldn’t do that justice. I think that the main issue I have with the movie is that they really focus on what a jerk Ian was to his family and his mates. I’m sure he was, and I’m sure it’s somewhat accurate. I don’t like the idea of tragedy as a focus point. I suppose that is just me.

The the date moved to The Grotto. I really, really enjoy that place. I drank Stump Jump. Whitney drank a yummy Pinot Noir. We had a pretty cool conversation. At one point I lost my temper and was screaming at the top of my lungs. I don’t recall exactly why. Overall, I thought the day and the evening was one of best this year. The pictures should be up by tomorrow. Thanks.

GrottoLa Nop