Having a school in downtown Jacksonville certainly has its moments. I had to evict a base of urban campers from behind the building. This group of 10-12 men would meet here, all day and night, and had done so for the past 25 years or so. It took me about weeks of time, several calls to JSO non-emergency, and sledgehammer, some mean words, and some kind words to get it all solved.

Then the weirdos. I leave my doors open whenever I’m there training. Everyday someone pops their head in, or just walks in, and tries to sell me something or ask for food or money. One day two people came in as I was cleaning and asked me what I was doing. I told them I was opening a Martial Arts school. They didn’t understand what that was, and I told them. One of them says to me: “You think you can stop a bullet with a kick?” and I said “Yes, of course I do.” Then he got into a “stance” and let out a “kiai.” I looked at him with a straight face and told him to bring it. Remember that he’s INSIDE my school doing this. He straightened up and left without a word.

Good times so far, I tell you!!!!