I made hunch punch for the first time in my life for the party that me and Colleen had.  It turned out really well: tasted great, you could drink it all night, and yet, if you didn’t respect it, it completely ruined your morning, completely.  I thought I would share the “recipe.”

Main ingredient number one: SKOL VODKA.  This is the cheap stuff.  We bought three 1.75 liter bottles of this, and I used all but half of one bottle in the punch.

Main ingredient number two: RON RICO PUERTO RICAN RUM.  This is also the cheap stuff.  One big bottle of this was also added to the cooler.

Ingredient number three: WATERMELON PUCKER LIQUER.  I figured it would mellow out the vodka.  It did.

Main ingredient four: BACARDI 151.  For kick.  I put about a third of this in the punch, and left the bottle on the side in case anyone wanted to spice their drink up a bit more.

Main ingredient five: JOSE CUERVO GOLD TEQUILA.  Actually, this was added as an afterthought.  One of my friends brought a pint to contribute to the cause, and we just poured the whole thing in with the rest.  It really did improve the flavor of what was already a tasty treat.

Those are all of the the alcoholic ingredients.  Now for the other parts:

Fruit, of course.  You know, the fruit that you are not supposed to eat, but at the end of the night, you’ve eaten five cups of it.  I sliced up a small watermelon, a cantelope, some oranges, and add two bags of assorted frozen berries.

Green Tea Ginger Ale.  I just thought it would funny to have 2 liters of something “healthy” in the punch.

Kool Aid packets.  Two.  Cherry.  Duh.

Fruit Punch.  I just bought the generic store brand stuff.  I bought five gallons of it, but ended only using four for the punch.

Ice.  Ice in the cooler, and ice on the side.

Combine all ingredients in a clean cooler.  Stir.  Serve with love and a party.  Respect it.